My Medium Journey: Episode 1

Pull up a chair and watch…this oughta be, um, interesting.

Eric J. Kort MD
5 min readJul 14


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Nobody likes to be the sucker. And that is my biggest fear when it comes to starting out as a solopreneur. Specifically, that I will look back on my current efforts a year or two from now and say, “Wow, Eric. You really fell for all those success stories on the internet. Did you actually think you could succeed at this?”

It’s easy to find the success stories on the internet. What is harder to find is (1) detailed stories of failure and (2) play by play accounts of the highs and lows of starting an online business.

Sometimes I feel like this: “I’m screaming into a dark void and it sucks!” Is that normal? Does that mean I am doing it right, or doing it wrong? As it unfolds, it can be hard to tell.

So I decided I would provide an account of my business development efforts here as they happen. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All out for the world to see. I hope this provides some pointers in the direction of success and encouragement along the way.

Of course, it might just provide a lesson in How Not To Do It. That’s ok too.

Third time’s a charm?

I should point out that this is not my first rodeo. When I decided I wanted a side hustle, I first looked into voiceover. I love computer and audiovisual tech, and people said I had a great voice. I gave it a try and I hated it. I’m talking soul crushing. Crowds of people rushing for not enough jobs in a thankless environment.

(That’s just my experience of course. A lot of people have great voiceover businesses. Don’t hesitate to check it out if it sounds appealing to you. When, erm, I mean if, it crushes your soul, I will be here to offer my condolences and brainstorm other ideas.)

Next I had what seemed like it should have been a great business idea. I worked on preparing an online review course for a professional certification exam. I mean, come on, this was pretty much exactly how Pat Flynn got started.

I was rather mystified when the associated podcast and online learning platform I created failed to get any traction. I mean, the exam was in my own field of expertise. I knew the people who…



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